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Shri Ram Prashna Shalaka Was Written by the great Indian poet "Tulsidasa" in the Shri Ramcharitmanas which is considered as Up(semi)-Veda as Described by a Top Vedic Astrologer & Spiritualist, Dr. R. B. Dhawan Guruji. In the following square each letter or the part of the letter gives birth to a couplet (chaupai). The couplet thus formed has a meaning of it which answer your question.

How To:
First remember Lord Shri Rama in your mind and pray him to give answer (don't disclose the Question to anyone before asking to Shri Rama). All you have to do is just click/Tap on any of the letters in the boxes with closed eyes with Thumb Only. For the best answer of your question you should have only close-ended question in your mind. Then a couplet (chaupai), the place from where it has been taken and Your Answer will be displayed on your screen.

Its all about faith in the almighty and faith is tested for only once. So try to avoid the verification by repeating the process again and again. You can take these words for caution. Ask your question now with full confidence.

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