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Paradiso Solutions is now a Mobile LMS App! It can’t get any better than this… can it? Speaking of the utility, this App at the outset will help you get your students and faculty connected to the LMS anytime, anywhere and on any device. Now that’s practicality exemplified!

What about Mobile Learning?

Yes, definitely! Currently, the winds are in the favour of the upswing of mobile learning and we’ve taken to it over and above. With our mobile app, you’ll be able to deliver learning on mobile devices. So to speak, your learners will be able to carry their learning material with them on their smartphones.

Is Re-branding Available?

The best feature on record that we’ll rather swank is the re-branding / white labeling we can do for your mobile app. You tell us the elements you need and we’ll configure the App to match your exact requirements.

Thereupon, we reckon… get our Paradiso’s mobile App downloaded and get going for on-the-go learning!