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# # # Multiplayer Fun! Survive by eating other zombie brains. # # #

Every Zombie needs to eat, right? So, you are The zombie. Living in a human city with the common violence often found over those places. You need to skip and run (like a zombie, right?) from the dangers of a big city. The reward? A big, juicy, red, bloody Brain waiting for you on the Brain local shop and nearby places!

Made with the idea of plain Fun and Blood.

Despite all blood and a pinch of violence. This is a great hit to laugh and share with your friends. Every new crash, every new insect attack will give you extra bonus points when you Fly High!

Remember to buy new Add-ons on every new round , they will be zeroed for each new round.

The cars get faster and faster overtime, beware with the race cars!

Hint: Follow the arrows for the first time to learn where to find your beloved Brain.

Hint: Collect coins to earn more credits.

Hint: Beware with the insects on the game. They are prone to attack you with no reason. They often protect a Brain Timer Bonus.

Hint: Explore the map, you may find bonuses stuff.


Paralagames Team