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A revolution in the world of chat Apps!!

So many chat applications claiming to be the most secure or fastest with highest quality!! But are they really?
In almost all the available chat apps in the market, all your data, including your voice or video chats goes though the provider’s server/cloud. Even those chat apps who claim they immediately delete the data! It still passes through their data server! So regardless of all the encryption and security measures, still your data passes through their data servers, and can be obtained easily with a court order!
meU’s creators however, have used the latest cutting edge technology to eliminate the need of a data server in 99.99% of all the voice and video chats. And are still working hard to make this available even for its text messaging service, which should be done in the future updates.
With meU, you can:
• Video Call, (Encripted, P2P, fast, secure with high quality)
• Voice Call, (Encripted, P2P, fast, secure with high quality)
• Text message, (Encripted, rich, fast, secure and user friendly)
• File Sharing
• Image Sharing
• Video Sharing
• Audio Sharing
• User friendly and simple to work with
Available in Android and soon will be available in iOs and Windows

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