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parallel multi account Wanna have a second account for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram? One for public, and the other for private.
Multi Accounts - Private Space allows you to run 2+ accounts of 1 App (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat...) on your phone at the same time!
It’s so troublesome that you should open your computer, laptop, IPad and your mobile phone at the same time just for logging in your multi accounts of a same app.
Add often used apps to Account+!
Different accounts, simulateously online!
Balance your work and life!

Use multiple,parallel multi account different accounts for your apps at the same time and on the same device without having to sign in and out. Useful for messenging, social media, and gaming apps.
One Mobile Device, but want to have your Second account online at the same time?
Have Two messaging accounts, but tired of logging in and out to receive messages of different accounts?
Have Two social network accounts for work and personal life respectively, but want to keep them both online all the time?
Have multiple game accounts,but want to double and enhance your game experience?
Now Multiple Accounts(2Account) is available to satisfy your needs!parallel multi account.
Users can customize their cloned applications into two parallel parallels with themes to create their own stylish launcher.
So far, Multi Parallel Account has supported 24 languages. Download now Parallel Multi Account to manage your Multi WhatsApp number on a device, protect privacy and create your personalized space!
With more people using the dual SIM phone, official WhatsApp GB can not satisfy their request for lapsing 2 or more 1 phone accounts simultaneously.
People can recommend applications like GB whatsapp or parallel parallel account, but they are unstable and can add 1 more count of massive ads.
Multi Messenger for WhatsApp - double account of WhatsApp on 1 device
Run 2 WhatsApp account in 1 device!
Multi WhatsApp. Multiple WhatsApp account in a single phone.
Synchronize your WhatsApp account to 2 phones / tablet.
2 account let you open two accounts on one device!
You can use the same account on multiple devices.
Double counting and counting multiple supports
parallel multi account

"Multiple Accounts" is for users who want to keep Two Accounts of One App both online at the same time with only One Phone, while messages and data of your different accounts are in seperated space.

- One app, Two Accounts, Messaging and Social Network:
Support most Instant Messaging&Social Network APPs. Your multiple accounts work simultaneously on one device, connect different friend circles(work or personal) and share different information.
- Double Game Account Experience :
Log in two game accounts for Google Play and different experiences for both accounts at the same time! 99% of top games supported!
- Privacy and Security
- Log into multi accounts social networking applications or gaming applications at the same time on a single device
- Several account instagram
- Multiple Messenger facebook account
- Several Snapchat accounts
- Multiple OMI account
- Balance the lives of users and work easily.parallel multi account.
- Double experience online games and have more fun.
- Almost all applications are supported for a second parallel space account. The data from these two accounts will not interfere with the other.

- Simple and clean UI, simple operation.
- Different Acounts,Same Features, Separate Space, No Conflict !
- Small and Low CPU Consume.parallel multi account

- Log in to two accounts at the same time
- Manage multi accounts of social media
- Lock secrets with password
- Simultaneous notifications from all accounts
- Protect your privacy
- Less storage required
- Human design
- Powerful and easy-to-use
- Simple interface
- Make your life easy

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