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Description for Multi accounts is a parallel social space, Make a parallel space and the access of space granted by the space so no other apps will access this parallel space multi accounts. so you can choose one for public life and another for personal use.
this app provide the secure storage of your data so no one can view that data from directly helps users log in to their multi accounts at the same time on one device! As a security it also making with the incognito Installation feature, your personal apps invisible on device.
Almost all apps are supported for a second account in - space Accounts (multi-space). Data from both accounts won't interfere with each other.
you can using multiple social cloning, different and many accounts for your apps at the same time and on the same device without having to sign in and out.

• Create 2 account of social media apps (ex: dual whatzzapp ) and access to them simultaniously
• Keep easily a balance between your work and your life.
• Locker for private apps,photos, clone video, and secure storage.
• Switch Quickly between multiple accounts & secrete two phones in one.
• For Help we added the FAQ in the menu take a look of that.
• Easy to use & granting apps permission.
• Almost all applications are supported.

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