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Blob Wars : Attrition

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2 years

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If the game crashes for you, drop an email to, with a description of where and how it happened. Sometimes the crash reports sent by Android aren't too helpful.


Bob has returned to battle the BioMechs, and win the war once and for all.

Set between the events of "Metal Blob Solid" and "Blob and Conquer", Bob ramps up the fight back against the alien invaders, wearing them down bit by bit, so that the Blobs can take back their world and return to the life of peace that they once knew.


+ Intense multi-directional platforming action
+ 25 different missions, in four different environments
+ Boss battles
+ Non-linear game progression
+ Return to previous missions, to fully complete all the tasks
+ Jetpack and aqualung, to both fly and swim

NOTE - This is a time-limited demo, with an in-app purchase to unlock the full game.


+ The pistol is the only weapon that can be fired underwater
+ Collect as many Hearts and Cells as possible, to make levels such as the Outposts easier
+ Use the radar often, to help you navigate the levels and find enemies and items
+ Bob can only carry 14 items, including keys. Return to previous levels often to make use of them
+ Try not to rush, or you'll get shot to pieces!
+ Once a level is initially complete, your progress on it will be save any time you exit
+ Don't forget to use the aqua lung while underwater!
+ Collect cherries and batteries as soon as you see them
+ There are cheats available if you're struggling


Twitter: @stephenjsweeney