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Param Ads is an Augmented Reality application for print media. Param Ads leverages the AR technology to display various media content including your video ads or 3D animated models over print media along with user interaction. It is the best new age option for showcasing your advertisement and providing a surprising and long lasting experience to your audiences.

Param Ads not only displays 2D/3D contents but also provides mechanism so that your audiences can interact with augmented contents in reality on their mobile or tablet devices. The best part of the app is that it will keep up to date with new and latest content via metadata updates so user may not need to manually update the app itself regularly unless there is a new version.

Param AR will play your video advertisements right on the marked printed element which may be on paper, in magazines or even on wall/hoardings. With Param Ads you can even interact with the Augmented Models, like rotate, zoom and pan which gives you access to all the angles of the model.

Do not have access to print ads to begin with but still want to experience Param Ads? We got you covered. Just to start with here are few target images:






Step1: Download the target images from above mentioned links and print them on paper.

Step2: In Param Ads app Main Menu hit “Let’s Read” which will open camera view.

Step3: Point your device to these markers and it will play the AR content.

Step4: Keep your app up to date by tapping the ‘Get Updates’ button on Main Menu or whenever the update pop-up appears.