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Spot the Tile is a new and fresh approach to memory games.

In this game, all tiles will remain open for a certain period depending on the level you are playing. You need to memorize the tiles and its positions. After that, all the tiles will close. Then a random tile will be chosen from the pack and shown to you. You are required to click the position of the tile in question as to where it was. Sounds easy, but it can be very challenging. Try to get all the positions correct.

This memory game is simple in design but have a big impact, with a net total of 30 levels, spanning 10 categories and 3 levels. The categories being Logos, Fruits, Flowers, Smileys, Celebs, Flags, Traffic, Numbers, Letters, and Coins in arrays of 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5.

Unique features of this game:
- 10 categories of tiles, including coins, traffic signs, flags, alphabets which can be very confusing
- Categories ordered after considerable thought in increasing order of difficulty
- Detailed record of scores for each category and difficulty level
- Crisp graphics and high resolution images
- Compatible with all screen sizes

The scores for all the tile categories and levels will be saved and you will want to beat your own score or your friend’s score all the time. This will turn out to be one of the most addicting games you have ever played, since you will definitely be drawn towards improving your own scores.

About memory games:
Research has shown that learning new things, doing puzzles and playing memory improvement games helps the mind stay active. It has been considered as one of the many ways to improve memory. The most effective memory games allow you to improve your memory power and practice abstract thinking. Sustained practice with memory games helps to strengthen your memory functions. Memory loss occurs as we age, and whilst there is little we can do to prevent it, we can definitely slow it down. Memory games are one form of doing so, as are regular physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Playing puzzle games stimulates the mind and keeps it active. Memory games like this spotting and matching games is effective in preventing Alzheimer's disease. By playing brain games regularly, he or she will not only be able to enhance the brain's memory function, but also other brain skills like concentration, focus, attention level, cognitive skills as well as reading and reasoning skills. They are like a brain gym. This is because these memory games are developed to allow the brain to think strategically and critically.