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Yes, you can here to:
- scare your friends and have some fun!
- create audio set for romantic or relax!
- create time intervals for inside or outside sports!
- create your own music set for sports or romantic or so on!
- create some audio scenario!
and much more!..
- random choice of sounds.
Your audio mix will be unique with every new repetition!
- strobe flash.
Imitate thunder, police siren, some paranormal activities!
- functioning in the background!
and much more!..
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There is 3 versions: "Paranormal" (the free one), "Z" and "GR". In the version "GR" user can add his own sounds in the sound mix, including the recorder (amr format and mp3). In the version "Z" (means "zero", if your phone has little space) user can add his own sounds, but there are no built-in sounds.

For versions of GR and Z: audio collections:

18 languages of interface: English, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish.

There are 7 demo tracks built-in. Try it all to understand possibilities of the app.

The application is created for:
1. Create a terrible mix of sounds to scare friends. Get out of the room, where you stay with friends, run the mix, and hide phone. And after some time your friends will suddenly hear the sound of footsteps, screams, ravens etc.
2. Create a mix of sounds for a romantic atmosphere or to sleep.
3. Create time intervals for sports and more. If while training you prefer 2 minutes to run, and 2 minutes to walk, you can program such an intervals in the app.
Example of creating a program for boxing:
4. Create your own music mixes. For the sport, relaxation. You can create only one stage (and set 20 repeats), and choose through the option of Multi choice several songs. Will be played only one stage, but the song will be new with every repetition.
5. Interestingly, even just writing audio scenario. For example, you can download the sounds of war. Basic sound set on the first track as a backdrop, and in the track "multi-selection" (where in each new play sounds are taken randomly) put the machine gun, marching soldiers, howitzers etc. And also provide each stage with strobe flash.

And much more!

Some of features:
1. Creating a mix of built-in or your own sounds (sounds can be upload in versions "GR" and "Z").
2. As for multiple selection of built-in or your own sounds. For each new playing randomly will be inserted one of the selected sounds. Thus in the first track, you can set the sound of rain (background), and in the third - to select several sounds: wind, footsteps, thunder, barking dogs, the sound of bells. Set the number of repetition to 10 times. In each repeat will always plays the sound of rain, and the sounds from the third track will be selected randomly. Every time your mix is unpredictable and unique.
3. For each stage, you can add a strobe flash. This can be used with the sound of thunder, or a police siren. Turn the sound of rain, the sound of thunder and triple flash. Place the phone on the window sill. You just get an unprecedented realistic effect of rain with thunder.
4. Application plays audio formats: mp3 and amr. That is, you can make a recorded voice, for example, record a terrible whisper someone's name.
5. Timer, after which the next stage starts.
6. For each sound can be programmed volume.
7. Operating in the background.

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Halloween: don't forget to scare your friends with "Paranormal".