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Something that i need to do because of my life development and Yet i am not doing that so the app SELF CONTROL will brings online platform to you from which you can take commitment to yourself that depends on your habits,daily activity,hobbies,bad things,good things,body requirement,mind requirement,personality related etc.

******** Self Motivation through Commitment ************
*Self Control* means power of determination. "This is my commitment" it means that i will do that job with my mind , heart and energy. So the next step is learning to cultivate commitment, determination, that feeling, “I will do it! I can do it, and I have to do it!” no matter what happens. You make the effort and the determination should be there. It is not like being forced by an outside authority; you are committing yourself, and this is your commitment, or resolve. You cannot attain anything without commitment. There are many intelligent students that do not have commitment, and that is why they lack confidence. They may be brilliant, but they do not have self-confidence, because they do not have commitment. They never disciplined themselves, so they lack commitment power.

All the great ones on the earth needed energy. there was a energy behind them to inspire them. Without inspiration, even the greatest ability is scattered. If you do not have commitment power, no mere technique imparted by either your teacher or the scriptures will help you. The teacher can give you all the techniques, but if you do not have commitment, nothing will happen.

Self Motivation is determination. Willpower is a one-pointed mind plus determination. The more one-pointed your mind and the more determined you are, the more you will have willpower. If these two things are absent, then you will have no willpower. Usually you do not have enough concentration or determination to develop willpower, but you can build your dynamic will, and then you can do wonders.

But the first aspect of energy that you can see is not kundalini herself, but Commitment power. One aspect of the great power of manifestation and creation is actually commitment power, or determination. You can reduce a mountain into a molehill, or you can magnify that molehill into a mountain with Commitment power.

You need to decide, “I am going to sit for my meditation, and no intruding thoughts will be able to control or sway my mind. What thoughts can disturb my mind? I am someone, I am initiated. There is a tradition behind me. I am a human being. I have the infinite Source within me. How can a mere thought disturb me? I have allowed myself to be disturbed; that is why this thought is disturbing me. I am not going to allow this!” This is *Commitment* power; it inspires you. Although you do not recognize it, you have immense power.

******* WHAT'S NEW WITH THE APP ***********
You can take your commitment with your own text or common commitment text. Your task is not finish yet, you need to do daily reporting for your commitment statement so it will remember you and gain your self confidence and also it will help you to achieve your goal. User can see the commitment report card on the base of him/her commitment reporting and likes. The system also remind you for your commitment depend on your choice.

If you like this concept and when you feel that you have achieve something from the application than please give us review and rating also involve your friend circle to spread out the concept.

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