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What makes VendGlobal different is ..

Most apps only offer a buy and sell platform that is extremely basic and most times only local ..
With VendGlobal. .Its a global community of buyers and sellers .. So you are more likely to make sales from anywhere in world. .

With more options then just the normal buy and sell .. You can also trade things with people if your into bartering or find things for free

º 100% FREE and SECURE & EASY to use

º Buy and sell from people who are close by or ALL over the world

º Promote what your selling all over the VendGlobal network with boosting

º Connect with business people from nearby or anywhere in the world

º Find the lowest deals sold by VendGlobal on things your looking to buy

º See where products are located if you prefer to meet up with buyer

º A community for barters and free things people no longer want or use

º Find & add services that you can do for people or hire someone if you need something done

º Message buyers sellers barters and business people securely in the app

º EASY and QUICK to sell a product

º Assign commissions to products you make sales on to your friends or trusted people you meet ( Optional )

º Get paid with deposits on products you selling ( Optional )

º 1 click handy call support in the app if you have ANY questions

Its really that professional and easy to use ..

Much more to come !