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This app contains various physics and chemistry formulas and laws.In which Physics contains topics like Absolute pressure,Amplitude,Capacitance,center of Mass,Current Density, Decay,Density, Electric field, Exponential Decay, Force , Frequency, Gravity, Heat, Hooke’s law, Inductance, Kinetic Energy ,Magnetism ,Ohm’s law, Potential Energy. Power, Relativity, Reynolds Number, Snell’s law, Strain, Stress, Trajectory, Vector, Voltage Divider, Wave length and work. As well chemistry contains Atomic Mass,Boyle’s law,Charles Law,Chemical Formula,Chemical Reaction,Enthalpy,Entropy,Ideal Gas Law,Molar Mass, Molecular,Titration,Radioactive Decay,Photosynthesis,Normality,STP,Grams to Moles Conversion,Electric,pH and Vapor Pressure.This app is useful for all Medical,Nonmedical,, students who are studying physics and chemistry .