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Parcelgenie! The world's first instant gift messaging app lets you send real, little gifts to friends and family. No address needed!

Described as "a genius app" by Cosmopolitan, Parcelgenie helps you put a smile on the faces of friends and family.

It's simple and quick:

Step 1- Select a friend from your mobile contacts list
Step 2- Choose a little Parcelgenie gift
Step 3- Send

Your friend accepts their gift via text message on any mobile phone, and replies to Parcelgenie with their mailing address so their real gift can be delivered. Gifts are sent First Class Royal Mail and arrive hand-wrapped and tied with ribbon. Your message is texted to your friend instantly, and the message is printed and included in the gift package.

All personal details are secure and confidential, and recipients do not get charged for claiming their gift.

Gifts start at just £1.99 and include retro sweets, chocolates and other little treats.

"Parcelgenie is the UK's Most Promising Tech Startup 2012" - First Tuesday.

"One of the world's most innovative start-ups" - Fierce 15.