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What is Parchee ?
In a most literal sense पर्ची / Parchee is a slip which is a frequently used term in Hindi.
Parchee, here means your medical slip , a prescription which we help you keep safe, manage and share it with your doctor with just one click.
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A simple interface that helps you create and manage your health records.
1. Keep all your medical records classified into individual self contained units called Cases based on your preferred criteria of classification.
2. Share your Medical Data with any doctor with a single click. You just need to tell us the doctor's email address and we will take care of the rest and ensure that your medical data is with him/her instantly.
3. Never lose your medical data. We will always keep it safe and secure.

Note: You and only you are the owner of your medical records along with the doctor who created the same.

Coded with love
Team Parchee