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Calling all brave users…. Fluffy kindly invites you to join the community of people who love to stroll and zigzag through the streets of Paris. Whether you are looking for a Paris with tour guides, an underground bar-scene Paris, cultured Paris with its museums and expos, multicultural Paris with its pockets of communities from afar, or charming, quaint Paris, full of unusual crowds and nuggets to be found, Fluffy is the map that will lead you to the treasure.

Still with us? Great! So as we know the little charming areas where you can spend an afternoon in the sunshine. Like us, you like to take full advantage of other’s knowledge and adventures in the quarters that you haven’t yet set sail. Good news, you’ve come to the right spot!

Fluffy is here for you!

Fluffy gives you access to a selection of ADJECTIVE walks through Paris, created entirely from users (That’s you!). You’ve got 2 hours to kill in an area of Paris that you don’t know? Fluffy will propose you a walk with different places to hit. On the docket… fun places, out of the ordinary places, pit stops for snacks, unmatched vues, museums galore, perfect parks with some sun…. exactly what you’re looking for in short! Fluffy’s even got an offline feature, to make sure you’re off on your excursion with ease!

Fluffy walks are divided into different themes so that you can target easily and simply the excursion that fits you and your longings of the moment.
Trip, to discover other cultures while staying on Parisien soil.
Romance, seductive with subtlety and elegance.
Gourmand, let your taste buds be your guide.
Culture, to take full advantage of the best of Parisian richness from museums, expositions and theaters.
Sorties, to spend a day with friends that’s a bit out of the ordinary

Yes, yes, Fluffy is for all. Alone or in a group, walking or strolling, visiting, taste budding, young and old, in love or searching, curious, one hour or two… Fluffy loves all that the City of Lights has to offer. How to satisfy every beautiful soul? It’s simple in having confidence on our other users that are passionate about the hidden gems of Paris and propose their own strolls.

Fluffy will make you love Paris and love it in a different way.

So open your eyes and let Fluffy guide you!

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