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Global Football Challenge - Backyard Diaries is a simple little tap-tap football game. Exercise your thumbs, keep the football from falling on the ground by tapping on it, and collect as many coins or goals as you can. Collecting coins helps you get multiple Power-Ups that in-turn help you collect more coins.

Play the game in any of the following modes:

- Survivor Mode: Collect coins till you drop. The more you play, the more things pop.
- Crazy Mode: Crazy speed. Crazy Control. Collecting more than a few coins, is the goal.
- Endless Mode: Practice makes perfect. Play at various field settings endlessly to master this game.

Global Football Challenge - Backyard Diaries is your fun little pastime game. You can play it,
- While you're travelling
- While commuting to your school, college or office
- While taking a dump in the bathroom
- When you have a few minutes to kill
- When you have a lot of minutes to kill
- When you want to exercise your thumb muscles
- When you're waiting
- Or simply, when you're bored

GFC Players say that is a:
- Fun little time-waster
- Brilliant game
- Looks simple but is a lot of fun to play
- Boredom killer
- Pastime fun

With Facebook and Leaderboards integrated directly in the game, you can brag about high-score or compete with your friends, family or players from around the world. You can also post your score screenshots on your social networks as indisputable evidence of your high score.

Give it a try and have fun!

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