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Bandar Ball is an ode to the Indian monkey.

Our tail is from the world of Kela. A prosperous land where food is abundant, the locals are louly and the trees are tall.

There is much respect and love for the locals who can make full use of the most magnificent creation ever-The Banana. To us, a banana is our food, our currency, even our god!

The elders say that many a tail ago, an evil monkey Gogi tried to take over our realm, but was outcast by the exalted ones back then.

Your quest is to find the lost bananas of Kela and restore the rightful balance of the Universe.

Please Note: This game runs on devices with Android 2.3 and higher. It contains very high quality graphics and hence requires a considerable amount of free memory on your RAM. Kindly free up some space on your RAM by manually closing inactive apps before running this game.

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