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With the growing problem of cell phone use while driving we think everyone needs Safe Zone. Safe Zone is designed to help each other resist the urge to use our cell phone when we should be focused on driving, not texting or talking on the phone. Studies have shown that texting while driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Safe Zone is designed to help parents help their teenage children drivers pay attention while they are in the drivers seat by blocking the use of their phone.

Some of the features include:

You are able to associate up to (5) five Child phones with each Parent phone.

You can set a speed limit for each of these phones. This will help a parent decide if the child in question is actually driving or not. Young adult children have hobbies that can have them move at different speeds such as long boarding, bicycle riding and jogging. Setting a speed limit would allow them to move around up to that speed without their phone being blocked and the parent phone being notified.

The parent has the option to decide what action can be taken when the speed limit is exceeded. Each of the associated phone options can be set differently.

Once the parent phone is notified and the child phone is blocked the child phone will ask the parent to unblock me, at that time the parent can decide if the phone should be left blocked or if the child is riding with someone and not driving and should be unblocked.

The blocked child phone will notify incoming calls that " I am driving please contact me latter"

We added a Panic Button. When you or your child pushes the Panic Button an E-mail will be sent to the E-mail recipients in your panic user list. The E-mail will have GPS location and approximate location of the phone that activated the panic button. This feature could be used to help locate the phone it they are lost or just to give information to their location. Note: Safe Zone relies on the availability of cell phone service and could be affected by pour or no service signal.