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ParentoScope is all about having enriched discussions with your kid. This innovative app is geared towards parents with older (8 to 16 year old) kids, and allows you to identify areas where your guidance has particular relevance to the healthy development of your kid.

ParentoScope helps you discover areas where your kid needs particular assistance, allowing you to impart your values as a parent, and ensure that your kid achieves their full God given potential.

ParentoScope uses the latest technology, and provides you with your own version of Belinda, a digital assistant designed to help you stay in control. Think of Belinda as your digital employee, your personal android expert dedicated to helping you in your parenting needs.

Belinda will give you hints, tips and advice that is particularly relevant to the way your kid experiences the world today. That’s only the beginning. By activating the 'Deep Insight' option, Belinda will learn over time, providing you with a deeper insight on your kid’s choices, actions, whereabouts, and behavior, allowing you to assist your kid into being the best version of themselves.

With Belinda you get:
A) Personalized insight into your kid's interaction with the physical and online worlds
B) Access to useful information you care about
C) Parenting hints, tips and advice from experts all over the world
D) Loyal, reliable, and dependable android robot

Belinda will help you to:
1 Get to know your kid’s interests
2 Ensure your kid strikes a positive balance between physical activity and smartphone/tablet use
3 Guide your kid if they are frequenting dangerous neighborhoods
4 Ensure your kid is getting enough sleep, necessary for learning and healthy development
5 Find out if your kid is being driven or driving at dangerous speeds
6 Chart important aspects of your kid's actions, helping you monitor progress over time
7 Find your kid’s device if they lose it, or if they allow device battery to run down
and much more..

By installing the App before you have any issues, the service can help you discover behavioral, social, physical or even mental concerns well before they present themselves as real-world issues, allowing you the opportunity to have richer discussions and take action to provide specific guidance, and help where attention is most needed.

ParentoScope could be the best thing you've ever done for your kid. Download your app today.