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This application is to provide Sex education to parents.
A Parents Guide to talking about sex with your teenagers.
*This app covers the following.
*Parent-Teen Relationships
*Talking to Kids About Sex and Sexuality
*Keeping Teens Healthy by Setting Boundaries
*Helping Teens Delay Having Sex
*Parenting Teens Who May Be Sexually Active
*Puberty 101 for Parents
*Parenting LGBT and Questioning Kids
*Resources for Parents
*Sex, the Internet, and Texting

Talk to your teens. We know it can be difficult, and we're here to help. But there's no better resource than a supportive parent. You've been through it. Now you can make it easier for them.
Research shows that teens are more sexually active than parents think. By the time they’re 19, seven out of 10 teens have had sex. Two thousand teens get pregnant in the U.S. every day. And teens have very high rates of sexually transmitted infections.
Parents really can make a difference. We can talk with our kids, build strong relationships with them, and set clear expectations and boundaries for them. These are proven ways we can help prevent teen pregnancy, reduce our teens’ chances of getting sexually transmitted infections, and help ensure that they lead healthy and rewarding lives. So let’s get talking.

Download this app and enhance your sex life.
Disclaimer :- This app does not promote nudity. We have developed this application just for education purposes.
The content used in this app is free as per the developers knowledge. This app doesn't contains any provoking graphics.
The content is completely under Google Content Policies.

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