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Speed Blaster Ultra Power Tool is designed to overcome all sort of low RAM issues such as lagging, app crashing due to low memory, non-responsiveness etc. This app is a fish breeding game as app that helps to remove inactive functions, apps and games. You can select the task that you want to kill and those you want to preserve in the memory. We are backed by some awesome investors This app CLEANING The junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzed so that Clean Master can efficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files) with perfect accuracy. From the cached applications list ,you can click to get the details of the application ,open or uninstall the application-Memory & App Cache cleaner is small so that your phone memory is saved!**DISCLAIMER**memory & app cache cleaner will not delete any

Key Features of Speed Blaster Ultra Power Tool:
- 4 stars by more than 92% of users
- and you can do that without reboot
- Features - Monitor status (CPU, RAM, ROM, SD card, Battery)
- Efficient monitoring of power usage
- Quick device booster widget
- Clean all received calls
- Memory booster speed

ADVANCED APPS MANAGER: Master your apps to keep your storage space clean and organized!Batch install/uninstall manager keeps your Android clean and boost its top speed. It's pro version of Cache Cleaner+, it's ad free. Hope you all enjoy it!#FAQ- what is cached file?A cached file is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. Power Saver (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, auto-sync, auto-rotate screen, screen brightness, timeout).

This app an open source tool for cleaning cache which does not require any extra requirement. Just one click, you will be the Ma? Be to Optimize Android. This app is useful to anyone who has memory management issues,specifically when you are running out of application storage. Memory releasing + Cache clearing app!(1) Releases the memory by terminating running and background-waiting app processes. Other Features:::::Features:Enhance your Mobile OS Performance. Speed Up Your Smartphone Today with Memory Cleaner (Speed Booster).

Remove apps that consume too much mobile data? Automatic set up to run daily or weekly. Take advantage of your 90 day free full access to premium features: used to enable/disable various settings like sound, hap-tic feedback, auto-rotate, brightness, screen timeout, etc. Extract Contact Images from contacts. WiFi & Mobile Network Speed WiFi & Mobile Network Speed is your personal assistant for Network Quality and Data Utilization. More features may be added in the future, so download it and leave your feedback.

Synchronization interval: The interval between each internet synchronization. Some of these ads perform an actual cloud based quick virus scan of the users device. For max results you have to execute a manual boost daily. Frequent cleaning of the cache, it is a good habit, it can save you disk space, make your phone faster. This app Battery Saver enables power saving mode in your Android device. Filter:Name Number Address Email Facebook Google+ Photo Birthdays and other Events Filters can be combined in any way you want. You have to delete ABC. You can also set this application to clean browser history & play store history automatically to keep you device's private data secure. How to use this app:Start the app and select the android game you want to boost then click launch. The World's Most Trusted Optimizer, Phone Cleaning Virus Free, Helps Clean Up Over Phones!When Do You Need Us?Phone Cleaning Virus Free is perfect for you if your phone has become lag or runs out of battery easily, if it's stopped playing games smoothly, if it becomes too hot to hold, or if you want to free up some space to store more photos or songs. Start advanced mode from navigation slider at left Tips: Features: Battery Saving Mode Option