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ParkMate – Parking Management for Condominiums

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ParkMate is a simple mobile app based solution to manage parking spaces in your RWA, Condominium, Gated Complex or Mall/Office. ParkMate helps all residents & guards check on car status, parking status, tracks vehicle in/out movement, visitor and support staff in/out movement and provides valuable data for RWA administrators.
ParkMate can simplify RWAs vehicle movement and parking conflicts. Also quickly detect any visitor issues.
Supported Features in v1.0:
• Check whose car is wrongly parked. Call them to move from within app. Saves time.
• Verify owners & parking slots quickly. Very useful for Guards.
• Check if car parked is by resident / guest. Call from App to move if needed.
• See how many parking spaces are free / occupied. Guards can allow/block cars from entry.
• One touch call for any car owner/visitor.
• Guards can call owners if door open, lights on or any other such eventuality.
• Simple digital workflow for guest, visitor and support staff entry / exit.
• Fully secure cloud based storage. Fully managed by our team.
• Useful analytics on traffic and guest movement for facilities management.

How it Works:
A RWA registers with ParkMate service and provides the data for residents, parking slots, cars, guards, office users and administrators. Each user is provided a login/password to our app based tool. Free Apps are available for both iOS and Android. Users use the app to manage day to day parking needs.ParkMate is provided on FREE trial basis for 15 days. RWA can pay a small annual subscription to continue.