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The PAR Assessment Toolkit provides quick access to the tools you use on a daily basis! The app has been updated to provide more functionality, a more modern look and feel, and improved features—and it's still free!

New features include...

• PAR Product Finder™. Browse PAR products by construct.
• Online client management powered by PARiConnect. Link directly to your PARiConnect account to review reports; add, remove, and edit client information; and make client notes.
• Even more score conversion modules—now for free. Convert scores for the BRIEF®, BRIEF®-SR, BRIEF®-A, BRIEF®-P, MMSE®-2™, MMSE®, NEO™-PI-3, PAI®, PSI™-4, PSI™-4-SF, RAIT™, TOGRA™, and VAS.
• Blogs and videos. Read about the latest psychology news and watch PAR videos.
• Conference/Webinar schedules. Stay informed about where PAR will exhibit and the various informative Webinars we offer.
• Socialize with PAR. Link to our Twitter, LinkedIn®, and Facebook pages and to Google Scholar™.

Plus, it still includes your favorite features from the prior version, including a normal curve, a conversion chart, a compliancy calculator, an age calculator, a stopwatch, and a QR code reader.