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Outer Run is a fast-paced cartoon shooter. If you like classic arcade games like Moon Patrol, Blaster Master, or Super Mario Bros, this game is for you!

+ Google Play leaderboard and achievements
+ 2D cartoon graphics
+ retro sounds
+ touch controls
+ level unlocks
+ leaderboard and achievements on Google Play
+ extra lives for watching short video ads

You are the pilot of an Outrunner planetary exploration vehicle. Your mission is to collect power crystals as you jump and blast your way through 20 uncharted sectors on Planet X-1138. With skill and determination you have the makings of the greatest Outrunner pilot in the history of Galactic Command. Speed and difficulty increase as you work your way through 20 sectors. Your Outrunner is equipped with a shield that takes damage when you collide into obstacles and enemies. Start off with 3 lives, but have no fear - you'll have an opportunity to earn an extra life at the end of each level.

- JUMP - touch the left side of the screen
- SHOOT - touch the right side of the screen

- Save up as many lives as possible. The final sectors can be very challenging!