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■ Multitasker is a collection of apps launched from the notification shade that pop up over your current activity so you can multitask in a different way.
(It is the same function of the LG devices QSlide.)

■ Multitasker serves us in many ways as follows
- There is no need to install apps for torch.
- You can browse the information of game while playing the game.
- You can use the calculator while using the bank apps.
- You can browse the file while downloading.

■ Some details of the features are as follows
- Explorer : See file list and run.
- Browser : Run the web browser
- Torch : Turn on and off your camera flash.
- Calculator : Run the calculator.
- Camera : Take a picture.
- Memo : Short notes are available
- Stopwatch : Track time.

■ How to resize or moving as follows.
- Move : You can move the window of explorer or browser while touch and move the above translucent area.
- Resize : You can resize the window of explorer or browser while touch and move the below triangle icon.

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