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Police Car Chase is a free 3D action packed game in which you have to chase and smash criminal cars. Be the police duty driver that will save the day and arrest all law breakers.

Your duty driver as a police officer is to keep the city streets a safe place by chasing down the most wanted criminals, robbers and street racers. They will try to outrun your police car by driving at high speed and making sharp turns on the city streets.

Every mission will be a hot pursuit police chase which will test you car driving and chasing skills. Use your police car lights and police car sounds and force the law breakers to stop by smashing into their cars.

Racing against robbers will make you feel the heat of a real cop car driver that want to perform his duty as best as he can. You are free to explore the city in search of bad guys to track down and eliminate.

Chasing down criminal cars is not an easy duty for a policeman and in order to make them stop you have to smash them until their cars are forced to stop. The best part of this cool smash cops 3D game is that you are a police car driver who chases bad guys all day long on the city streets.

Police Chase is a 3D Cops VS Robbers game in which there is only one winner. Make sure each and every time the winner is you and not the thieves or the robbers.

Become a duty driver police car driver in this action packed cop chasing and smashing cars game. Smash criminal cars that resist arresting.

In order to master this duty driver police chase game you have three control options for steering your cop car: Steering Wheel, Arrows Left/Right and Accelerometer Tilting. Choose your preferred driving option or change it anytime by accessing the Controls options in the Pause Menu. Bumping cars is allowed and is fun.

Police Car Chase 3D game Features:

- Cops VS Thieves and robbers road smash heat.
- Realistic car driving and chasing simulator.
- Drive and drift on the streets of the city while chasing Thieves.
- Multiple car control options: Arrows Left/Right, Steering Wheel or Accelerometer Steering (Tilting).
- Show off your driving and drifting skills in a 3D environment with HD graphics.
- Real Damage System for both the police and robber cars.
- Chasing and Smashing Cars game.
- A Big City to Explore with your police car.
- Be a duty police driver in this free police driving games.
- Police car race game suitable for kids, boys, girls and adults alike.

If you like to play Police Chase games then download this free android game and have some fun crashing into other cars. Playing duty driver games will entertain you. Have fun driving fast cars!