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Hiding Animals

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A fun game for young children to find hiding animals.
Touching the animals will make them go out of hiding and make their cute and unique sounds (dogs will bark, cats will meow, you get the picture).
When you find all of the animals they will jump, then you can go back and select another level, to find even more hiding animals!


- Very easy. Yes, it's very easy to understand and play the game, so even the youngest of kids can play this game.
- Suitable for ages 2-5, though we've seen toddlers even younger then that enjoying the game (though they might need some help from their parents).
- 4 whole worlds to explore, with a total of 20 levels. Each world has different animals, so the fun never stops!
- Builds hand-eye coordination!
- Free to try- the first 6 levels are free, so you can play before deciding if you want to purchase the game.

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