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"Parking School" is not quite an ordinary and thus a highly efficient parking simulator—a trainer entailing limited-space manoeuvring simulation.

The application is first and foremost aimed at amateur drivers, who are not yet fully accustomed to understanding all the precise subtleties of manoeuvring. It is going to be of the maximum benefit to them as it not only allows learning how to park properly but also aids mastering their vehicle to the fullest extent .

The cornerstone of "Parking School" simulator is not the motion itself but its trajectory. In fact, being a trajectory editor, the simulator provides user with the possibility of thoughtfully building trajectory and subsequently analysing the same. Here, you will not find buttons such as accelerator and brake. Instead of those commonly present buttons, an instantaneous calculation of trajectory takes place at turning the wheel or changing the direction thereby displaying an updated trajectory. Thus, with no motion yet, the user is able to analyse the future position of vehicle during its motion and its dependence on the amount of wheel turn. This substantially raises the effectiveness of building up and processing statistical data required for developing the necessary skills.
Actually, this unconventional approach is indeed the main advantage of the application.
Once a little time is spent on getting yourself adjusted to the controls, you will be holding a highly powerful educational tool in your hands.

Basic exercises are available for training on the test field, such as parallel parking, reverse into parking bay, limited-space U-turn, the snake, etc.; whereas, the users can also upload their own custom diagrams for training, including hand-drawn, thus allowing them to solve the most intricate tasks.

Useful additional information such as training diagrams for parallel parking and reverse into parking bay as well as solution diagrams of the typical parking issues can be found on the official webpage of the application. Hence, the purpose of this simulator can be emphasised as to animate the boring diagrams and enhance their educational effect thereby.

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