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Oh no, I forgot!
How often do you walk past a grocery store and forget to buy the commodities that mom asked you to, or come back home and realise that you forgot to deposit the cheque at the bank or pick up clothes at the store or post a letter at the post office?

How frustrating it is to go back to the same place and get the work done!

But don`t worry and live a hassle free life with 'Remind Me' app which informs you to carry out a task whenever you are near the task location simply by allowing you to setup location based reminders and even provides you turn by turn navigation to the task location.
So, the next time if you are near a post office, or a bookstore, or a coffee shop, or even near a pokestop to collect items and have some pending task 'Remind Me' will have you covered.

• Create location based tasks with lots of customisation and alert options such as title,description, radius (closeness), custom location selection, notifications,alarms etc
• Easily pickup locations by touching the map, picking a place using place picker or searching for a place.
• View all your tasks at one place with current distance from the task locations.
•All your tasks sorted into active and completed categories
• View all task details in a user friendly card
• Launch instant turn by turn navigation to your task location directly from the app via a driving, biking or walking route.
• View all your tasks at the same time on a single map along with your current location and get instant details.
• Heads up notification and alarms to cancel alerts as well as mark the task as completed.

So, what are you waiting for?
Download 'Remind Me', your companion for location based tasks, alerts and reminders.

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