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🇺🇸 Draw Fidget Spinner and spin it

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" Draw Glow Fidget Spinner " app using animation to show you how to draw Fidget Spinner.
You just have to use your finger to follow the animated drawing steps by clicking the arrows up the screen, the app provides simple drawing tutorials for Fidget Spinner follow it
and then you will see your self creating an pretty art work by yourself!
The glow brushes are shiny and multi colors meaning they are available with many colors, learn to draw the fast Fidget.

After You finish You can spin your glowing Fidget Spinner and see it animated
1. Detailed drawing steps to learn how to draw Glow Fidget Spinner. it will teach you step-by-step.
2. Best drawing colors: The glow brushes.
3. Spin the Glow Fidget Spinner when you finish drawing it.
4. Free learning and drawing all the times.

1.you can spin cool fidget spinners(normal fidgets , batman fidget spinner ...) free and all the times
2.you can take a pic of anything you want (cartoon, potato , your friend's face...) and spin it so hot
3.stable version less crashes

CominG SOON:
free drawing and coloring place to draw any caracter (anims, movie stars...) you want or anything ( animals , flowers ...)

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