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This app allows you to change your GPS location without rooting your device. If you want you can follow a route by selecting a destination. In settings page you can select your speed, map type and driving mode.

This is the must-have tool for users

* who needs to test geofencing-based apps
* who needs to set a specific location for device
* who needs to test app on different locations.
* who needs real simulation for driving, walking, biking in a specific route

Please check this list if you have trouble with changing your location:

Go to Settings>Developer Options> and please select THIS APP as mock location app.
1 - Your Location Service must be turned on
2 - Turn Off Wifi - Or Enable Gps - Device Only Location Method
3 - Select this app as Mock Location app from Developer Settings

3A - If your developer options is not enabled , please read this guide first:

1 - Change Current Location:
First set a starting position, then your current location is set to that new location. If you do not want to test route , this is enough.

2 - Route:
If you want to test a route, please set a destination point and start routing. Then you can see the location changing as seen in video. If you want to change speed and driving modes please open settings of the app.

3 - Reset Mock Location:
Go to Settings>Developer Options> and please select NOTHING as mock location app.

Important: If mocked location seems to jump to real one during simulation, try to turn off wifi based locations Settings / Location / Mode --> Device only (GPS only).

Note: You have to activate mock location in developer menu to have this application work

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