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Please note: This app is for event organisers to redeem customers arriving at their event.

* Verify customers as they enter your event using your smartphone or tablet.

* Scan RapidScan tickets or lookup by customer name

* Very fast ticket scanning

* Instant verification or rejection of tickets

* Keep tickets on sale once your doors open to maximise sales (Wifi/4G/3G connection required)

* Filter available tickets to allow different customers to enter at different entrances

* View entry stats showing who's entered and who's yet to attend

* Find your peak entry hours to help plan staffing

* Synchronisation with multiple devices so you can have more than one person working on the door (Wifi/4G/3G connection required)

* Data is sent to your Promotion Centre so you can analyse later

Please note, you need a free Skiddle Promoter account to use this app, please see https://promotioncentre.co.uk

NOTE: Please report all feedback to dev@skiddle.com so we can improve this app. Using the scan screen is resource intensive (the same as using the camera on your phone) so we advise that the scan screen is closed when not in use to maximise battery life.

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