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The most powerful karaoke system for Android, also great for musical entertainers

* WHAT'S NEW (version 1.5.00)
Mp4 and 3gp video player added
You can add a .txt or an image file to your midi and mp3/audio files
You can disable auto-play (if need modify key, tempo etc. before starting a new song)
Import / Export .WLS files (Winlive Saves)
You can access to big directories faster
New soundfonts for midifile (internal synth engine)
Many other new features and better performance...

Karaoke Offline (ad-free)
Reading files: midi, kar, mp3, wave, Cd-G (mp3+g), txt and pdf with key transpose, change tempo, change instruments and saving management
Unique to support the M-live midi karaoke format
Chords displays for midi , kar and mp3 (if included)
Karaoke display full size with background pictures
Multi-tracks mixer for midifile ( volume adjustment and instruments changes ) with saving system
Management of 40 SongLists with possibility to book next song or more song on a temp songlist ( F10 )
Reading pdf, pictures and txt files as a electronic book
Fast search in a SongList or search by first letter
File Browser to find a file in your device or setting a folder for SongList
Searching a midi file on web (intelligent Google Search)
Song list editor for set specific options for each song list( loop , melody muted for midifile, stop, random songs )
Loop files as a groove machine
Many Options for customize your app
A 48Mb midi GM+ sounds bank approved by ProMusicSoftware labs ( the most powerful sound generator for Android )

This app only contains demo songs but is compatible with a large number of easily available files

Midi player (midifile player)
kar player
mp3 player
cdg player (cd-g player)
wave player (wav player)
pdf reader
youtube player


Multiplayer and karaoke systems bringing over 20 years' experience and skills in leadership. See other works:

Winlive the main protagonist of your karaoke and musical party
Sing along, wherever, whenever !

Have fun with Winlive Pro Karaoke Mobile !

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* METRODRUMMER (android & ios)

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