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It’s about time file management on Android incorporated cloud storage! Meet CloudPro File Manager — a must-have app for those who keep their stuff in the cloud. We have the key options covered: local storage, Dropbox, FTP and Windows—all for free.

This is your all-in-one app for file management. Easily move files between local storage and cloud services, manage folders, sort lists and share.

CloudPro File Manager seamlessly fuses local storage with the cloud CloudPro File Manager

Why CloudPro File Manager?

* Full-featured file and folder management including sharing:
- view file properties,
- copy, move, rename or delete files,
- transfer files between your phone and server or between servers,
- create and manage folders

* List management:
- sort by name, size, type or date,
- tick multiple checkboxes

* Smart “My Documents” folders:
- Images,
- Music,
- Videos,
- APK Packages,
- compressed files (ZIP, RAR, etc.),
- Documents

* View and manage app lists (both downloaded and system applications)

* Full-featured cloud support:
- Dropbox accounts,
- FTP servers,
- Windows networks

* Manage or edit your files and folders in the cloud, and move files to local storage

Note: You can view or open your files stored locally or in the cloud if a required application is installed on your device.


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