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Life can be frustrating! We get it!

How often do you complain to your friends about relationships, work, that over-priced restaurant where the food was gaggy and the wait staff was nasty?

How about those uber-annoying and overexposed celebrities and athletes that won't stop making a fool of themselves?

Or dead-stop traffic on the way home, a creepy politician, the rude attendant at the airport, a gnarly hotel experience, yucky fashion and so many other parts of your everyday life that are truly maddening.

Chances are, you're not alone in your opinions.

Well…. exhale. Help has arrived!

Don't complain… PRONGG!

PRONGG! is the funniest way to gripe with your friends about anything and everything that bugs you every day.

Tell the world about WHAT WENT PRONGG! TODAY and laugh it off instead of letting it drive you crazy(er)!

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