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Columba is a free autoresponder, the app autoresponds to SMS and calls when you are unable to do so. The app not only offers feature to text auto reply but is also a text message reader.

Imagine you are in a meeting, or driving a car, at a cinema/doctor's chamber/music concert... how often have you prayed that you don't receive a call, even when you answer a call your response is incoherent (usually in whispers or drowned by traffic noise), even if it is audible, in our anxiety to end the call the message is abrupt leaving the caller totally confused.

Now, with Columba Free Autoresponder on your phone, any incoming call that cannot be answered by you will be automatically disconnected and an autoreply in form of a text SMS is sent to the caller explaining why you were unable to answer the call and when you intend to get back.

Here are some exciting features Columba Free Autoresponder offers,

• Allows you to set your preference as to whom to auto respond to; caller from only in "Contacts", "Unknown Numbers", "White list" or "All".
• You can even create a "White List" and ensure Columba Free Autoresponder responds only to the caller in this list.
• Customize statuses, "In Meeting", "Driving", "Having Food", "At a Concert"...
• Customize messages that you want to send, "Hi, sorry cannot answer your call as I'm driving, will call once I reach office/home." or "Oops, caught me at a wrong time, in doctor's chamber, give you a call later."
• You can set the number of times a phone rings before it needs to be disconnected.
• Tracks and displays if an auto-message was sent.
• You call also set it in "text message reader" mode wherein an SMS you receive is read out loud along with the sender's name/number.

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