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MedicoCircle aims to provide a platform for physicians, medical students, medical researchers and other healthcare professionals to connect and exchange information in order to enhance their careers.

MedicoCircle is an online social network (available on the web, tablets and mobile devices) that streamlines medical research, opportunities and collaboration in an easy to use format that allows medical professionals access to one of their most valuable resources - their peers. The World Health Organization estimates that there are are over 34 million medical professionals worldwide, with approximately 878,000 physicians in the U.S. alone. The goal of MedicoCircle is to connect these medical professionals with the information and community that can help them further their research, careers and patient care. MedicoCircle seeks to provide services in three key areas: access to research; connection to professional opportunities; and collaboration in research, referrals and treatment.

For healthcare professionals, time is money. The break-neck pace of medical education and practice means that every second counts. MedicoCircle's groups and search function puts relevant information at a physician's fingertips. Rather than scour the internet message boards for the latest breakthroughs and research, MedicoCircle provides members with an information feed that matches their interests and specialities. Additionally, MedicoCircle allows users to view trends in their immediate area, nationally and globally, making nationally-limited websites obsolete.

As important as keeping up with trends in your field, is keeping up with colleagues and organizations from your past or potential future. MedicoCircle's easy to use search and connection feature lets you search for alumni of medical programs and institutions. Additionally, our goal is to connect professionals with the colleagues they need, whether that need be personnel, volunteers or mentorship. MedicoCircle hopes not only to connect past colleagues, but to create new ones as well. MedicoCircle would host, in one location, opportunities for observerships, clerkships, residency, fellowships and jobs. MedicoCircle also takes a unique step towards connecting individuals with opportunities by allowing physicians to rate and review medical programs and institutions. MedicoCircle takes the idea of being for physicians, by physicians seriously, and believes that such a rating opportunity will empower future physicians in their career track. Unlike many other platforms, MedicoCircle recognizes that professional development does not solely include networking and academic exposure. Connection to financial planners and business opportunities and also ingrained into the platform's search capacity ensuring the success of not only the individual doctor, but of practices, medical products and other ventures as well.

New, interesting or different?
MedicoCircle is the solution to segmented medical community; connecting resources, individuals and opportunities from around the globe, this platform will revolutionize the way the medical field does business. While other platforms have attempted to bridge this gap, MedicoCircle brings several new services and traits to the table. In addition to targeting a global audience, as opposed to a national one, MedicoCircle's format and organization has been built in a way to target the problem with those other online medical communities. MedicoCircle eliminates unorganized searches and allows users to filter based on their interests and needs. Furthermore, MedicoCircle seeks to be a platform that doesn't just allow users to connect but to interact by planning to create meeting and conference hosting components. MedicoCircle has also started to pilot gamification features that incentivize utilizing the platform but also sharing information and expertise.

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