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The PropCtrl Tablet App allows Estate Agents to capture and manage listings and contacts while on the move. It is now also possible to match properties to a potential buyer’s preferences and swipe through seamless visual showcases.

The PropCtrl Tablet App is the perfect extension of the software you’re already familiar with!

Note: The PropCtrl Tablet App is free to download. You will need to have a valid PropCtrl login to access the App and you can contact the Customer Service Centre at to set up the correct permissions for your Agents.


• Access information from your PropCtrl software database
• Create a property listing including relevant mandate information
• Capture photos of the property with your tablet to include in your listing
• Save property listing information to be edited and published later, or upload instantly to
• Push your property listings to other portals and your own website
• Create new contacts
• Capture buyer and tenant preferences
• Search and filter contacts and property listings
• Create and save a property showcase (a presentation-style view of a property listing)
• Match buyer preferences with property features
• Automatically synchronise information with your desktop version of PropCtrl

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