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Looking for the Best Deal on Properties?

Best Property Buy app is here! & we are giving away 100 Personalized Property Reports valued at $50.00! Details on our website

Find properties that Tick All Boxes & Make Massive Profits!

Take the uncertainty out of your life changing real estate decisions. Best Property Buy helps you find the best deals anywhere in the world whether you are looking for a home or an investment property. Fast track your financial independence by making smart & informed property buying decisions.

Here's how Best Property Buy App Can Change the Way You Invest in Property:
3 easy steps is all it takes for Best Property Buy to determine best property deals by analysing advertised properties in suburbs you wish to invest in.
1. Select your preferred property investment strategy. Best Property Buy offers 4 options to suit home buyers, investors and renovators.
2. Create a property list by looking up property listings and recording the features of your preferred properties in the app. alternatively, visit properties you wish to buy, record features and add them to your property list.
3. Best Property Buy ranks your properties using a comprehensive list of proven property investment principles and wining strategies of successful investors including cash flow, location and growth factors that determine a Best Property Buy.
Save edit & email property reports in PDF format for viewing on your PC or Laptop and have the printed reports guide you at auctions and inspections.

Run your properties by Best Property Buy before you buy, and save thousands! Buy the right property and Win the Property Game. Never Pay Full Price for real estate, check the Best Property Buy score before you even inspect a property?

Make the Most of your Hard Earned Money and Buy Smart anywhere in the world for Positive Cash-flow and Capital Growth. Whether it is a renovation or a sub division project, investment property or home to live in, get the best value deals for best return on investment (ROI). Make your property buying decisions based on winning investment strategies of successful investors.
App Features:
• Does your property Tick All Boxes? Best Property Buy has the answer
• Best Property Buy is about making logical and sound property buying decisions to fast track your investment goals
• Make your real estate buying decisions based on winning investment strategies of successful investors for maximum profit.
• Determine Best Property Deal in 3 easy steps
• Property Inspection Tool – Take pictures and record property features during property inspections
• Generate comprehensive property analysis reports in PDF (Premium Version)
• Compare up to 10 properties for a comprehensive decision(Pro Version)
• Financial analysis options to determine investment potential (Pro Version)

Don’t buy investment property on impulse. Take the uncertainty out of your life changing real estate decisions with Best Property Buy
Share your thoughts and help us improve the app. Visit our social media pages for tips on investing in property for positive cash flow and best return on investment.



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