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Science Game With Water Experiment 2

Well come to Science Experiments With Water and perform various science experiments with water.

If you're looking for some fun with science experiments then you've come to the correct place.

it’s time to learn science for kids and reveal some basic & interesting facts about science. Perform some amazing experiments with water and see the amazing chemical & other materials reactions.

While playing, kids will be guided step by step. After completing an experiment the results and conclusions will be presented for kids learning & assistance.

Science Experiments :

1. See how water can be stopped from gushing out from the holes.
2. Learn about refraction of light with the help of a glass of water.
3. See what happens when we mix oil and water.
4. Learn to make ghost jelly marbles.
5. Learn to make a simple machine to extract water.
6. Learn how to purify the dirty water.
7. Learn suck up water with the help of wick.
8. See how different objects float in different liquids.
9. Learn how a rainbow is formed in a glass bowl.
10. Learn how different sounds are formed with changing water levels.

Science Game With Water Experiment Game Features :

- We provide a logic for kids. Make experiment with logic and made your own experiment.
- All the experiments are very easy to understand and perform anywhere.
- Share your experiments to your friends.
- A perfect science games for kids.

We are planning to add some more science experiments, so please write your suggestions/feedback in review.

NOTE : Perform all the experiments in presence of your elder one.
Enjoy your own science lab with this amazing science game.

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