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Truth or Dare game will help you to play anywhere Without any requirement of the base or the bottle,So enjoy spin the bottle and truth or dare.

Everyone knows it, everybody loves the game - Spin The Bottle: Truth and Dare. Save yourself from some annoying work and let your smart phone to spin the bottle.
Get to know your friends for real by playing a classic game of truth or dare app!

This is the ideal Truth or Dare game for parties, dates and sleepovers for any age group.This game contains hundreds of fun and challenging Truth and Dares for various age group. You can also add your some tricky truth and dares for your friends.

Spin The Bottle : Truth Or Dare Games : Truth And Dare App is the best Ultimate fun with the most exciting & cool truth or dare app questions for all ages.

Contains 3 different game modes :

For Little one - truth and dare app for little ones
Teenager - truth or dare game for teen
Adult - truth and dare game for adults

Truth or Dare app :

- play on your phone or tablet, in a group, or just couples!
- spin the bottle, or press “auto spin” button to get a task!
- 100+ Truth and Dares questions list
- add your own custom truth or dares!
- customize the game with cool bottles!
- play with up to 15 players,multiplayer games.
- play for hours without getting bored! never get the same task!
- Scoreboard - to keep track of who is winning

Let's Play TRUTH or DARE !!!
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