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Smart Proposal is the most intuitive and productive way to create quotes & proposals directly on your smart phone or tablet.

Perfectly suited for account managers, freelancers and start-up businesses.

“Your solution is great, can you give me an approximation of the total cost?” - This question is often already asked during the sales-presentation. In this interest-phase it is important to supply solid information as quick as possible and establish a continuous communication to your customer. A long idle time waiting for a 100% detailed proposal can have an negative influence on the sales-behavior of your customer and work positive for your competitors.

Smart Proposal assists you to calculate a price estimate / quote or a complete proposal letter quickly on your mobile device and sent it directly to your customer. This helps you to key the customer to you from beginning on. Additionally you will leave the impression of a modern and professional way of working right in the pre-sales phase.

Smart Proposal enables you to manage your proposals, products and customers from your mobile device. You can create your products manually or import them automatically from an external file. After creating a new proposal you can add products from your product-database and define quantity and price for them. Smart Proposals calculates the position-margins and the conditions of the whole proposal for you. Once you finished the calculation of the proposal, you can directly export it and send it to your customer. Layout-adjustments can be realized easily since the proposal can be exported as a word-document also. Depending on your country of residence you can choose the corresponding currency for your proposal.

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