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AppPlayer empowers brands to engage their customers in meaningful personalized ways using Android devices.

AppPlayer is a part of The Marketing App Cloud, developed by Proscape Technologies. The Marketing App Cloud is unique because it makes it possible for a designer, not a developer, to build, deploy, and learn from their mobile marketing apps in just hours. Marketing apps built using The Marketing App Cloud are deployed using AppPlayer.

By eliminating the pain of mobile app development, The Marketing App Cloud is the mobile app platform for marketers. With no templates, no code, and no testing, your apps can be quickly and easily updated to suit your specific customer’s needs. This makes app development fast, easy, and affordable. Once your app is built, it can be deployed to any Android device with AppPlayer installed.

Effective Customer Engagement for Sales Teams:

In today’s market, expectations are high on sales teams to deliver relevant, up-to-date content to potential customers. With the Internet providing information on demand, your sales teams need to be on top of all the latest information and they need to know what information the customer cares about. AppPlayer empowers sales teams to deliver relevant, targeted messaging in a 1:1 personalized manner. Additionally, AppPlayer has built in CRM integration with™ and other CRM systems. This allows you to collect data and deliver targeted messages in real time and gather powerful insights into your customers. Learn what’s working and what’s not, revise your messages as needed, and leverage your insights for more meaningful customer engagement.

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