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Through the Appdemia application, anyone can register symptoms, diagnostic and track the more relevant health occurrences in their region.
The application gathers data informed by the population and lets health workers identify focuses of epidemics more easily.

-Registering Occurrences
The application is collaborative and the population can notify and consult symptoms (e.g.: fever, diarrhea) and confirmed diagnostics of diseases (e.g.: zika virus, dengue, chikungunya) in your location.

This data serves to map the areas more affected by certain diseases and to identify epidemics.
The Data, without any user identification, will be available for public consultation, be it by the population or governmental entities and can be used to direct the definition of public policies of short, medium or long term, in addition to supporting the population in preventing risks related to the incidences of diseases.

-Interactive Map
Besides, before traveling to any region, the user can verify the types of diseases that might afflict a location and, if that is the case, take precautions in advance before making his travel.

This project was contemplated with resources from the INOVApps contest from the Ministério das Comunicações

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