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Zone Mail brings some sanity back to harried professionals by letting them interact with email at their convenience – in between whatever they are doing from wherever they are. It significantly increases productivity by allowing busy people to file email from their Phone or tablets to DeskSite, FileSite, or WorkSite while away from the office with the confidence that all information remains secure.

• Files email from Microsoft Exchange to HP WorkSite
• Files a single email or multiple emails at once
• Files email to multiple workspaces and places the email in a default email folder for each workspace
• Files to multiple root folders in a workspace
• Handles the actual filing of the email server-side through a queue
• Enables the last 7 days of email to be accessible when offline
• Permits workspace subscription (My Matters) and recent workspace (Recent Matters) to be available offline as filing locations
• Searches for any workspace when online
• Provides notification of whether an email is filed or not and, if filed, its location
• Provides status update of all emails that were present in the filing queue and their status
• Displays the history of all the emails filed by filtering by “this week,” “last week,” or “older” items
• Securely communicates with Zone Server behind the firm’s firewall
• Brokers the communication with WorkSite and Exchange with Zone Server
• Encrypts all data on the device

Please note this app requires the implementation of Zone Server

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