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Mother Nature is unpredictable just as Vardah was. We did not stand a chance to defend, but we have a choice to rebuild. Aspire to be a Tree Hugger!

What is 'Be the Tree Hugger'?

Be the Tree Hugger is a green movement to identify the uprooted trees via GPS and restore the lost greenery with the spirit of Chennai.

Why don't we recap what happened?

On the 12th of December 2016 in a matter of a few hours Vardah descended upon ‘Singaara Chennai’. Hours later we walked into what felt like a ‘Green mile’. What can you do to get that old tree that you played under? The tree that gave your car the much needed shade? The tree that was one of the reasons for you to inhale oxygen?

How can you contribute as a Tree Hugger?

- Report uprooted trees via GPS!
- Participate in planting saplings at uprooted locations
- Track the growth and see it grow into a tree
- Hurray! You stand a chance to hug a tree

Do we have a plan to execute this mission?

Yes, thanks to our partners for this campaign including SPI Cinemas, The Hindu Friends of Chennai, Bharat University, NGOs, Volunteers and well-wishers. Here is a high-level plan.

- The volunteer network (all interested citizens) will install the app and report uprooted trees via GPS
- The uprooted locations will be mapped and can be tracked by everyone from the app
- We will have experts on this campaign who would be the guiding force to recreate the greenery
- We will have a mechanism for sapling donation that will be used for plantation
- The reported locations will be surveyed by an expert and marked for replantation
- The location will be assigned to a volunteer who would be responsible for planting
- The place will be prepared as per expert advice and replanting will be done
- The citizens of Chennai will be able to track the growth of the plant/tree and keep updating pictures
- We will all see a beautiful forest growing over time

Quick Stats

7 months

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