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Saver Pro is a free battery saver that makes your battery last longer, with saver pro battery saving became very simple, with one touch you can extend your battery life over 60%.

Saver Pro is the best battery saving app available for android phones, gives a lot of options, fast charging, battery optimization, junk cleaner, ram booster, battery and CPU informations (Temperature, Health, Voltage, Current capacity, Battery capacity ....), this app actually replaces several other apps that you don't need anymore.

? One-tap battery power saver
just 1 tap to shut down the background power draining apps and improve your battery life time

? Saving modes
Choose from several pre-set modes or customize your battery saving mode, according to your energy needs

? Fast charging
Your battery charging will not take a lot of time anymore, this option helps you to optimize your battery charging and make it very fast

? Junk Cleaner
Clean your phone of unwanted files to make it faster in seconds

? Ram booster
Make your phone 70% faster with this easy and quick ram booster, that kills apps working in background to improve your phone speed and also your battery time

? Battery monitor
This is a real battery doctor, with a very powerful task killer, that allows you to kill the apps that drain power while not in use, also reminds you of high power consumption apps.

? Phone cooler
This feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware

? Battery and CPU Information
Know everything about your battery and CPU in any time you want (Temperature, Health, Voltage, Current capacity, Battery capacity ....)

? Convenient power-Saving Widget
Easy and quick access to power related sittings (brithness, Wifi, data ... )

This Du battery saver is designed for a great user experience, it's easy to use, quick, and powerful to make your battery and hardware safe and efficient.

Saver Pro is available in 20 languages, and several colors to choose your favorite one, hope your enjoy this batter power saver, feel free to rate and comment to help us improve this energy saver.

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