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Proverbs 31 is a Christian themed app focusing on the book of Proverbs, chapter 31 and its encouragement to women, mothers and wives.

The chapter details the attributes of a virtuous wife or woman, and directs them to be industrious and fear the Lord. The example described in the chapter is the topic of numerous Bible studies and Christian ministries around the world. This app was made in honor of all those women aspiring and steady striving to live out that example daily.

How it Works:
The app displays a daily verse and enables the user to record their favorite Bible verses and listen to them on playback mode throughout the day. The app also includes audio that users can listen to in their time of reflection with the Lord. The basic theme of this app is Christian and it is developed to offer maximum meditation of the Word of God.

Important Feature:
For New Verses to appear daily. You Need to check the DAILY NOTIFICATIONS tab in the more info section.

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