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About Palabra y Vida 2023

Mobile version of the well-known Word and Life project (the gospel commented every day). The most popular and well-known daily gospel for Spanish-speaking Catholics. The 2023 version includes suggestive daily comments on the Word of God that are heard in the Catholic liturgy and in the daily Eucharist. Highlights in Word and Life 2023 its references to the liturgical calendar and the subsidy of basic Christian prayers.

The gospel of today, yesterday, tomorrow and the entire year 2023 together with the daily homily, comments or associated reflections prepared by Multiple authors will make this mobile application your online resource to be aware of the daily readings of the Bible and the Word of God.

Biblical texts taken from the interdenominational Bible "God speaks today" (United Bible Societies) with due permission.

Contents Word and Life 2023: Gospel 2023. Gospel of the day. Gospel by date. Annotated Gospel. Bible. New Testament. God's word. Holy Gospel. Holy Scripture. catechesis. Pastoral Resources. Benedict XVI. Verbum Domini. liturgical calendar. Prayers: The Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Our Father, Hail Mary, Invocation of the Holy Spirit, Profession of Faith, Benedictus, Magnificat, Song of Simeon, Hail Regina, Under your protection, Angelus, Regina Coeli, Holy Rosary, Via Crucis, Blessing of the table, To Mary (Lumen fidei), To Mary (Evangelii gaudium), To the Virgin of Fatima, To the Virgin of Lourdes, To the Virgin of the Rosary, Holy Rosary, Joyful Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries , Litanies of the Virgin, Prayers for Advent and Christmas, Come Lord, don't be late, Let's prepare the roads, Jesus Christ, Word of the Father, This is the time you arrive, Joy of snow, Pray for us, Mother of the Church, Te I will say my love, Liturgy of the hours, Brothers, God is born, Prayers for Lent and Easter, Come, divine Spirit, Pilgrims in a strange land, Weeping for sins, Deliver my eyes from death, This is the Lord's day, What do I have that my friendship seeks? Remember the sleeping soul, We thank you, Lord, nothing disturbs you, our immolated Easter, hallelujah, stay with us, what do you see at night, tell us sentinel? , a new light, We are the people of Easter, Prayers for vocations, Prayer of service to others (Saint Francis of Assisi), Where there is charity and wisdom, Take, Lord, and receive (Saint Ignatius of Loyola), Prayer to place oneself in the hands of God the Father (Blessed Charles de Foucauld), Offering (Blessed Peter Tarrés), Praise and supplication (Saint John Paul II), Help me find my place in the work of creation (Michel Quoist), Come and find , Lord, among us, Arouse worthy ministers of the altar (Prayer of the Roman Missal), For the ministers of the Church, Jesus, attract to you the souls of the young (Paul VI), For religious vocations, Give us ministers and apostles ( Saint John Paul II), For our parishes (Saint John Paul II), For vocations s missionaries, Father, make vocations to the priesthood arise (Benedict XVI), Prayer for vocations, Generous hearts, Prayers for the deceased, Psalms: 129, 22, For a deceased young man, For a deceased who worked in the service of the Gospel, For a deceased person who died after a long illness, For a deceased person who died suddenly, For parents, For spouses, For relatives, For the deceased and relatives, Prayer of the faithful, Our Father or concluding prayer, While the coffin is placed at the tomb, Prayers for Pope Francis, For the successor of Peter, On his apostolic journeys, On his ephemeris (birthdays, saints, anniversaries), To Saint Joseph, In case of illness, For the days of the week. Lectio Divina Guide. Daily readings.